This is the RecipeRPC reference implementation client - a Java 1.1.4 applet that runs on your machine and fetches data from the RecipeRPC server.

To use the applet, enter a search criterion - like "lemon" or "bread" - and click the Search button. Pick a recipe from the resulting list and click the Open button to see the recipe. Click the Save XML button to save the RecipeML version of the recipe to your local computer. Click Next and Previous to fetch more recipes, if the server didn't return all the matches on your first try.

Messages from the server appear in the window at the bottom. If you are having problems, look at these in the first instance, as well as the output in your Java console (see your web browser documentation to learn how to open the console). You can see more logging by using the extra-logging version.

This applet comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY. It is free software, and you may modify and redistribute it under certain conditions. For details, read the GNU General Public License, under which it is distributed. The server to which this applet points is also available under the same license. You can download the source code for both from the RecipeRPC download page.

Last updated 22 April 2004
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