Downloading RecipeRPC

The buttons below download the zip files containing the RecipeRPC Reference Implementation Client and Server. After downloading the files, read the installation and usage instructions (also available inside the zip files).

These buttons download the zip files containing source code and detailed coder documentation for the client and server.

The server, written in PHP, doesn't require any building, but there is a make.bat file that creates the documentation and zips up the packages (this should be easy to modify to suit your operating system).

You need Ant and Java to build the client. With these installed, type

jar xvf reciperpcclientcode-0.4.jar
to unpack the package. Within the resulting RecipeRPCBuild directory, type
ant test
to create test jar files in the /out/test directory, or
ant dist
to create documentation, code, and jar files in the out/dist directory.

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